‘If Things Had Been Different’ by Tom F

To kick things off for this month’s writing competition we have a contribution from Tom F, the winner of last month.  Thank you to Tom for providing the prompt and getting things started and I’m sure you will enjoy his poem. 🙂

LA skyline

If Things Had Been Different…….

……..I wouldn’t be here like this,

Stood on the threshold thoughts of her kiss.

We grew up together full of our dreams,

Somehow not the same, as now it seems

She hit the big time, she made it good,

West End to Broadway, and now Hollywood.

I wanted HER, our kids and a semi,

Now she rubs shoulders with Angelina & Demi.


If things had been different, I could have gone too,

But I wouldn’t listen, too much to do.

Not one for dancing or learning my lines

I turned down the road of cautions and fines,

Too many pills, too much to drink.

If she saw me now what would she think?

A young man so worn, so broken, so bruised.

A body once vital, now so abused.


The water so swift and cold far below,

One small step, to oblivion I’ll go.

I’ve heard the impact will take me away,

If I close my eyes my body will sway.

I’m falling now, but I’ve gone the wrong way.

Flat on my back, in the road, in the dark,

I want to sit up but the pain is so stark.

I’ve done it again, made the wrong choice,

But back to normality I hear a voice.


“Get up Georgie, What the hell you been doing?

Get up from the dirt or that shirt you will ruin.

Jump in the car, here use my phone.

You ring your mam, I’ll take you home”.

Now who was this girl with the beautiful face?

And the soft chiding voice I just couldn’t place?

We stopped by my house “Will I see you again? “.

“Get some rest,” she replied “In the morning, at ten”


We sat in the Costa having muffins and coffee,

I had the chocolate, for her the sweet toffee.

“I watched you for years “she said eyes cast down.

“Please smile “I pointed, “It doesn’t suit you  …the frown “.

“I was the young one, you just didn’t see.

My sister the bright light, overshadowing me.

If things had been different……”

My finger to her lips, I stopped her right there.

The tears rolling slowly, I just couldn’t bear.

She took my hand gently, and walked me outside.

We held on so tightly, stood there and cried.


Now things are different, two years have flown past,

She put me together, a father at last.

A son for me, and his perfect mother.

Life is so good now, but what of the other?

Her star not so bright, bad choices she made,

Her friends all deserted, ‘cos she’s in the shade.

Now things are different, no Angelina or Demi.

See, I’ve got her, our kid, and our semi.


© Tom Frattaroli  07/01/2014


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