4 of spades

The heart, life’s rhythm
Chambers 4
4 movements in a symphony
4 strings carry the tune
To which we dance

Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring
4 seasons to which our world sings
Paths routed by 4 cardinal points
North, South, East, West
To lead me home

4 elements extend their power
Earth, water, wind and fire
Represents all earthly things
And my home’s DNA

4 rules maths mentions
4 science dimensions

4 continents spread over land
4 playing suits in deck or hand

4 rudiments of alchemy
At home 4 has a spell on me

There is a dark side to behold
In Asian lands it is well told
4 is bad luck to be around
Too similar to death the sound

Thoughts also of Apocalypse
If 4 should deem that it befits
Death, famine, pestilence and war
Pray Horsemen 4 don’t cross my door

For finally and close to home
More powerful than I alone
Father, Mother, Daughter, Son
On my own I’m less than 1

So, there is my entry for this month’s Mini Writing Competition…… Want to play? 🙂

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