Chasing Time Writing Retreats

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As per Sandra’s post on her own website, which I shared here earlier this month, I have more exciting news about the launch of our tutored residential writing retreats.  Two writing friends and I have set up Chasing Time Writing Retreats in a beautiful and quirky Scottish country house, and are excited to share our passion for writing with others. The programme is now up and running and we have taken our first bookings.

Having been lucky enough to go on various writing retreats myself, I know how valuable it can be to escape the everyday routines and commitments you may have at home, and be able to concentrate solely on developing your writing. In Rosely Country House Hotel, Arbroath, we have found the perfect place to host our retreats, with its uniquely atmospheric setting sure to provide writing motivation around every corner.

If this is the sort of thing that appeals, why not click on the link below and check out the rest of our website? We’d love to see you there. 🙂

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The following was inspired by a particularly hazy morning over the River Tay on my drive into work one morning last year.


sunrise with trees

Haze descends to meet the lake
as full moon clings on to morn
A latent thief
outstaying her welcome
Tenacious and unashamed
it mocks the weak daylight
penetrating the sky

The dawn is drowsy
A stranger
Cowed by lunar supremacy
Ashamed to conquer the sky

Silently watching,
the lake glistens
Stretches up
to cushion the falling mist
And calmly reflects
the subdued conflict above

Time to shake things up a little……..

Hi everyone. It was slim pickings this month for the mini writing competition. Whether this was due to the writing prompt or holiday season (or a mixture of both) I’m not sure, but I thought it would give me an opportunity to try something a little new. 🙂

I have contacted Jan and she is happy to do things a bit differently this month so……. instead of voting for your favourite of the two entries, please vote below for which writing prompt you would like to see for August’s competition.

The voting will run until the end of July and the topic that receives the highest amount of votes will be set for next month. Thanks for taking part and I hope to read some more great entries soon.



Word Craft



Ask for a poem and I’ll write you a verse
It may not be perfect, but could be a lot worse
I may not be Bronte, Byron or Browne
I’m just me after all and not world renowned

Ask for a song and I’ll put down a lyric
I may not be McCartney but I’ll get in the spirit
At the end of the day it might not be pretty
But I’m confident I could come up with a ditty

Ask for a story and I’ll write you a book
All I would need is a decent hook
I’ll scribble a plot on my dog-eared old jotter
Alas I can’t promise the next Harry Potter!

Just a little bit of fun for a hot Thursday evening… 🙂