Time to shake things up a little……..

Hi everyone. It was slim pickings this month for the mini writing competition. Whether this was due to the writing prompt or holiday season (or a mixture of both) I’m not sure, but I thought it would give me an opportunity to try something a little new. ūüôā

I have contacted Jan and she is happy to do things a bit differently this month so……. instead of voting for your favourite of the two entries, please vote below for which writing prompt you would like to see for August’s competition.

The voting will run until the end of July and the topic that receives the highest amount of votes will be set for next month. Thanks for taking part and I hope to read some more great entries soon.



Normal service has been resumed…….


Hi all.

After a bit of a sporadic posting timetable last month due to holidays, (apologies for that btw) I am now back in the UK and ready to pick up where¬†we left off.¬† So here is the theme for July’s Mini Monthly Writing Competition:


This can be interpreted in any way you see fit, e.g. is it a house number and scene of some notable event, is it a number that has special significance to the narrator, is it a sequence of numbers that dictate the story etc.  As usual the prompt is for a piece of flash fiction of up to 500 words or a poem.

Please upload your entries on to the July Mini Monthly Competition Page and the¬†final entry date¬†will be the¬†24th of¬†July, with the winner announced at the beginning of August.¬† They¬†then set the theme for August’s competition.

I look forward to reading some great entries if the standard of previous months is anything to go by and good luck to everyone who would like to take part.