Book Review – The Nearest Far away Place by Hayley Long

I have been a member of Goodreads for some time now and think it is a fantastic site. However, I have not been the best at contributing to it in the past so, in my quest to become a better Goodreads user and also share some of my thoughts and recommendations about books and authors, I have decided to link my reviews to my blog. I hope you find some of them interesting – who knows, perhaps I will help you to discover a new favourite book in the process…

Faraway Place

I read the first three chapters of this when my daughter got it from her Toppings’ Book Club as she was just finishing another book, and then I had to wait a couple of weeks to finish it, which was a challenge, as I was immediately hooked.
The story centres around brothers Griff and Dylan, who are in a terrible car accident where both their parents are killed. Dylan is worried that his younger brother is not coping well and we get a great sense of both their characters and their feelings throughout the book. It is in turns heartbreaking and heartwarming as we follow them both from New York to Aberystwyth via various flashbacks to the nearest faraway place, where we also get a good sense of their parents and what family life was like before the accident.
The story is beautifully written and very visual and, having not read any of the author’s other books before, I know I will be buying them now for both me and my daughter to enjoy.

***** Five Stars


Dreaming picture


If dreams inhabit unconscious space,
why is it I can still see the face
of a loved one etched in my mind
long after I re-enter the waking world

If dreams reflect subconscious thoughts,
why is it I wake fraught
from nightmare scenes I still recall

And yet there must be reason there,
buried deep by many layers
For it is true that dreams have been
at times my inspiration

May Writing Competition

Pen Writing

It’s great to see some new participants and a diverse range of writing styles in the mini poetry/flash fiction competition this month – why not pop in and take a look? Voting for the winner begins on 24th May so there is still plenty time to enter if you fancy submitting a piece of your own. All are welcome. The prompt for this month is

You are watching someone or something. Describe what you see and how it makes you feel.


May’s Writing Prompt for Mini Competition

The new writing prompt for this month’s mini writing competition comes courtesy of last month’s winner, Jan, so here goes;

You are watching someone or something. Describe what you see and how it makes you feel.

If you would like to post an entry it would be great to have you on board. Flash fiction should be under 500 words and poems are also welcomed.

Please leave all entries on the May Mini Monthly Competition page and feel free to either post it in full or to provide a link to your own writing page.