‘Miniatures’ by Bill Engleson

I’m very pleased to bring you another entry for this month’s mini writing competition before tonight’s deadline and I’d like to welcome Bill Engleson with his atmospheric poem, ‘Miniatures’.  Hear, hear to the ‘smaller moments’, that tend to get lost in the mix.

music notes

denmaniacs4 says:


I have loved the smaller moments,
the times so quick in their passing,
that memory seems to barely recall;
Yet there is a sense of importance,
a taste in the mind of sweet seconds,
like slightly tilted miniatures
resting peacefully, half asleep,
on a dusty mantle of the mind’s heart.

On this evening, naked in my room,
awaiting a lover who may not arrive,
the miniatures twirl in drowsy dance,
with a little help from the radio’s Strauss.
The taste of chocolate
and salt-sour yogurt and strawberries
supply the flavours of this night.
I covet, like a jealous child his toys,
the smaller moments I have loved.

(c) Bill Engleson

‘Home’ & Book Week Scotland

I thought I would make the effort and sneak in a last minute entry for this month’s theme of ‘memories’.  It’s a bit simplistic, granted, but I wanted to have a play with shapes and structure, and it hopefully still manages to get the (again simple) message across…..

By the way, happy Book Week Scotland 2014, which starts today.  Lots of exciting things happening, not least a trip through to Edinburgh with some writing group friends to pitch to an agent and publisher.  What a fantastic opportunity (if a slightly scary one!)  Pitch is prepared, so fingers crossed!




A house

A dwelling place

Filled with children’s laughter

Warmth and safety

With love



Quieter now

Family all grown

With their own lives

But memories linger

And love



(c) elizfrat

‘In the blink of an eye’ by Jan Strickland


I am happy to share another entry for this month’s mini writing competition on the theme of ‘Memories’ from regular contributor, Jan Strickland, with a nostalgic trip down memory lane.  Thanks Jan and don’t forget that if you would like to join in, there are still 6 days left to contribute an entry for November.



I sit, saddened by the passing of time

but strangely not alone, not lonely

My life’s been a wonderful kaleidoscope of rhyme –

a positive life, not a question of ‘if only’


School days

Nativity plays

Pet hates

First dates

Holidays, jolly days of fun and laughter by the sea

Intimate meals with special people

All these are happy memories for me


I sit content in my special chair

and count my blessings, for I see

a lot of people within whose care

I am so very lucky to be


My family all grown up now

with lives and loves of their own to see

My clock ticks on, the grandchildren gather

“Tell us a story Nana”, they jump on my knee


So forget rheumatics, the odd aches and pains

The brain shutter clicks open to shower the wains

with memories of long ago, the funnier the better

Of their Mum or Dad, they want to know

Of the naughty deeds so long ago


And so I remember every small detail

to pass on to the children for this is their history

Part of their being is wrapped in my memory

Its life I am telling and not just a fairy tale.


(c) Jan Strickland




‘In the fields of the flat lands’ by Jane Dougherty


On this special day I am very pleased to be able to share with you Jane’s beautiful and very poignant poem.  Such a tragic waste of human life – we will never forget and thank you for making the biggest sacrifice of all.

New Writing Prompt For November….

Thank you to lassfromlancashire who has provided this month’s writing prompt of ‘Memories’.

I am now pleased to invite you to submit a piece of flash fiction (under 500 words) or poetry on ‘Memories’ and hope to see some thought-provoking pieces come in over the course of the month.

The closing date for submissions will be the 24th of the month as usual, and you will be able to vote for your favourite between then and the end of the month, with the winner setting the writing prompt for December.

Good luck to all who enter :).

And October’s winner is………………

wiinners cup

After a close run thing, I am pleased to announce that lassfromlancashire is the winner of this month’s mini writing competition.  As winner she is now entitled to set the writing prompt for this month, and I will post it shortly so watch this space……

Hope you all had a happy Halloween – we did! 🙂

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Back from a wet and windy October break in Arran so Voting for October is now open!

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I’ve just returned from a rather damp short break on the Island of Arran, where I grew up as a child, and thankfully the weather did nothing to dampen my memories of such a special place.  What made it even more special was introducing my young children to the place where I lived when I was their age.  I always found it fed my imagination and I loved coming full circle and sharing it with my own family.

Reflecting the busy time of year perhaps there were only two entries to this month’s competition, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to choose a winner, …… although both were entertaining so it could be hard to choose between them!  Voting is now open so please vote and ensure that your favourite wins.  As usual, voting will remain open until the end of the month.

Who will you vote for?

The Ghost by Jan Strickland

bright lights

Thanks to Jan for her entry in to this month’s writing prompt of ‘Halloween Night’, which is a bit gentler than some stories that I’ve read for this time of year!  No spooky witches or zombies here, just a blast from the past!  I hope you enjoy :).

The Ghost

“So, I had just zapped my micro meal for one, changed into PJs and put my slippers on when the doorbell rang.

“Jamie, good grief!  Oh my god,  I heard you had died. Thought you were in heaven and all that?”

“Yes, well almost Gemma. But do you remember we made a pledge to each other, that whoever went first we would try to come back and tell the other what it was like? Remember?”

“Yes of course I remember, but I didn’t expect to be haunted by my ex Fiance, who I hadn’t seen for a couple of years, just because it’s Halloween! Plus, you look too good to be a ghost!”

“Well when we come back  still look like ourselves,” he chuckled.

“Oh, I see. Well, whatever, it’s nice to see you after all this time. So spill, what’s it like? Is it how we’d always imagined?”

“It’s wonderful! No clocks, so we don’t need to know the time, and in some parts, no windows, so we don’t need to worry about what’s going on in other places. Bright lights, dancing, lots of laughter, a few tears. So many interesting people too. Elvis, Frank Sinatra; well all The Rat Pack actually, and the food’s great!”

“Great food? In Heaven?”

“No you twit, what do you mean Heaven? I thought you were joking. No, I’m talking about Vegas!  I’ve been living there for the past year and it’s all I ever dreamt of! My idea of Heaven!”

“B b but I thought you were dead!”

“Dead? You numpty, I’ve never felt more alive! So alive that I thought I’d come back and tell you all about it! Well, what do you say? Fancy joining me in Paradise?”

— © Jan Strickland

New Writing Prompt For October….


Thank you to AC Elliot who, as last month’s winner, has come up with this month’s writing prompt.  Given the time of year he has suggested ‘Halloween Night‘.  (I know, October already – yikes!)

As such, I invite you to submit a piece of flash fiction (under 500 words) or poetry on ‘Halloween Night’ and look forward to reading some spooky entries over the course of the month (lucky I’m not too easily scared 😉 )

The closing date for submissions will be the 24th of the month as usual, and you will be able to vote for your favourite between then and the end of the month, with the winner setting the writing prompt for November.

Good luck to all who (dare to) enter :).


And September’s winner is………………

wiinners cup

Congratulations to A C Elliot who has won last month’s micro flash fiction competition (and btw – can’t believe it’s October already!)  As winner they are now entitled to set the writing prompt for this month, so watch this space….

I will post the new prompt shortly once I have heard back, and thanks again to all who took part this time. 🙂