‘Christmas’ by Andrew Geary

Thank you to Andrew Geary with his thought-provoking entry to the December mini competition on the theme of Christmas.

red tree

Andrew Geary says:
December 19, 2013


At six his hands were calloused.
he leapt onto beaches, over wires,
dying to meet evil’s swelling.
Four brothers dead. He limped
to the factory for decades.

Grandpa thrust his rant
from his aching
lungs. Mother listens
every Christmas
about the War
and his glories.

(Left in silence is the nigger
and his teeth on her father’s lawn,
and her brother.)

“This generation doesn’t know!”
He settles on the couch, coughs
hard into his handkerchief.
“Their damn ipods and gizmos!”

I watch
Grandpa’s wrinkly face.
I smile, and laugh with him.
“But you! You’re one
of the good ones!”

Mother fixes her hands
to the tree. She couldn’t think
about her brother being
disowned years ago.

(c) Andrew Geary

‘Afterwards’ by lassfromlancashire

I am happy to kick things off for December with a slightly wry and well observed piece by lassfromlancashire,  entitled ‘Afterwards’.

xmas dogs

lassfromlancashire says:


It’s the day after the day after Christmas

The kids have got bored with their toys

They’ve broken the trainset and eaten their sweets

And they’re making one hell of a noise.


Dad sits by the fire with a paper

And tries to work out what it cost

For the turkey, the booze and the mincepies

But gives up the struggle as lost.


In the kitchen Mum looks at the carcass

Can they scrape one more meal from the bird?

Her head aches, they’ve run out of aspirin

“I’m knackered! Aye, that’s the right word!”


Miss Jenkins, now eighty and housebound

Sits alone in her thirteenth-floor flat

Feasted and fussed over at Christmas

Now left like some jumble sale hat.


How generous we all are at Christmas

So full of good will and good cheer

We’ve a real Christian spirit at Christmas:

But what of the rest of the year?


(c) lassfromlancashire

New Writing Prompt for December

Close up of a small Christmas tree inside a spherical glass

Thank you to those who took part last month and to all who voted for my entry. I appreciate you stopping by and taking the time to do so.

At the risk of being completely obvious, I am going to set December’s prompt as, ‘CHRISTMAS‘.

As such, I invite you to submit either a piece of flash fiction of under 500 words or a poem on the theme on the designated competition page.

Last entry date for this month is 24th of December (when I realise one or two of us will have a few other things on our minds 😉 ) and then people have between then and the end of the month to vote for their favourite.  The next competition will start in the New Year at the beginning of January, with the winner of this month setting the next writing prompt.

Once again, thank you in advance to all taking part and good luck! :)