‘Moving On’ By Jan Strickland

Thank you again to Jan with her entry in to this month’s mini writing competition on the theme of ‘Partings’.



The house, once a centre of laughter and family ties, looks sad
Its curtain-less windows like gaping black eyes
The items unneeded sit on the pavement for collection –
An old fridge, a chair, an iron frame of a bed
And there, amongst it all, a little worse for wear
Bruno the Ted

A much loved bear, the sympathetic ear of a thousand secrets
The reassuring presence when bad dreams caused restless nights
The children have grown and Bruno is forgotten, discarded
The very essence of his being lost in the busy bustle of teenage angst

Now the cell phone and texting friends allow secrets to be passed on, giggled about
Who needs a teddy, who needs its comforting presence?
He is discarded for the bin men to find on a heap of unwanted chattels
Left on a pavement, weather beaten and forlorn
Who cares any more?

(C) Jan Strickland

It’s that time again…

I’ve enjoyed reading the entries again this month and now it’s over to you. Please vote for your favourite between now and the end of the month and the winner will set the next writing prompt. Happy reading! 🙂

Competition Update


Childhood Memories

If you’re in the mood for some bite sized writing, there are some great entries into this month’s mini writing competition. Closing date for August submissions is Friday 24th so there is still time to join in if you would like to. Please also remember to check back after the 24th to vote for your favourite entry. The winner will choose the topic for the next month and these mini competitions are open to all. Happy reading! 🙂

Call for Submissions

Do you have a childhood memory you would like to share? Or perhaps a fictional piece rooted in childhood? If so I would love to hear from you. Please feel free to enter the August mini writing competition for a piece of poetry or flash fiction on this month’s writing prompt.

This month my entry is a poem entitled ‘Clocks’, a piece that brought back memories of when the whole world was full of potential and I only had to wish for it….



They float soundlessly through air,
invisible threads, strands of dreams
which, they say, make wishes come true.

Drifting on summer breeze
these ‘fairies’ glide by,
occasionally coming to rest,
tangled in undergrowth.

As children they hold mystical charm;
are things to wonder at,
representing hope.
But they also hold the key
to the passage of time,
so we are taught.

Is it merely the strength
of our lungs,
or is there more at work
when the magic
of children’s breath
disperse these filaments;
the number of which determine the hour?

And so time passes,
these clocks are forgotten
we gradually start to bow to
more organised schedules:
Childhood philosophy drowned
in a sea of adulthood,
of life, of responsibility.

Until the next generation
revives the magic for us once again.

Writing Prompt for August is…….

kids with balloons


What is the first thing that springs to mind when you think of your childhood? Is there a specific time or event which had a significant impact on you? For this month’s mini writing competition I invite you to submit a piece of flash fiction (up to 500 words) or poetry to capture a moment in time and take us back there with you.

Please post entries on the Mini Monthly Competition page in the usual way and happy writing! 🙂