50 Word Micro Fiction – And here’s another…

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Welcome to a regular contributor, Jan Strickland, with her entry for this month’s micro fiction competition – 50 words (or under) on the theme of magic and mystery.  I’m told this is a true story, in which case it’s a bit spooky!

By Jan Strickland

My husband was snoring.  My sister, dead nine years, stood at the bottom of my bed, dressed as I had last seen her.

“Are you alright Violet?”

“Yes Rose, I am.  And so will you be!”  Then she was gone.

The war raged on; but we would survive




50 Word Micro Fiction – Two more…

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Welcome back to Tom F and Kate Loveton for their take on this month’s micro fiction competition – 50 words (or under) on the theme of magic and mystery.  Thanks for joining in again and good luck to you both.

There are still a couple of days left if you would like to take part this month – you can do so by clicking on the September Monthly Mini Competition page of this blog and posting an entry in the ‘Leave A Reply’ box at the bottom of the page.

By Kate Loveton – ‘That Old Black Magic’

Hi Elizabeth, here’s my entry: ‘That Old Black Magic’

By Tom F

It was 3 am, I was asleep when he called my name. “Write it, now!”  I found my pen and pad, and began to write. His story.  But he had died nine months earlier…. Four hours later I woke again, pen in hand, shocked by the scrawl I had written…..
Tom F.

50 Word Micro Fiction – First 4 Entries

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Apologies for the late post (I have been battling the cold and feeling a bit sorry for myself), but I am now very pleased to bring you the first 4 entries for this month’s micro fiction competition – 50 words (or under) on the theme of magic and mystery.  It is also lovely to see some new participants – welcome to you and thank you for taking part.

Don’t forget that if you would like to give it a go, you can do so simply by clicking on the September Monthly Mini Competition page of my blog and posting an entry in the ‘Leave A Reply’ box at the bottom of the page.

By Jane Dougherty

By denmaniacs4

The dark sky sank into the sea. The drifting raft clung to the sliver of moon just above the horizon. His legs barely moved as he swam, slowly, at snail speed. The woman on the raft stretched to the gloomy sky. “Return to me,” he could almost hear her command.

By Joanna Fay

He cradled the rose in his hands, and whispered the command. Spells shimmered in its petals, suspending its life. This one wouldn’t die. If he could hold them all, his world might be saved. Another bloom wilted on the bush. He cupped his palm around it. This time, he shouted.

By A C Elliot






And June’s winner is………………

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Congratulations to Kate Loveton who has won June’s micro flash fiction writing competition with ‘A Righteous Man’, proving that last is definitely not least! 🙂

As winner, Kate is now entitled to set the writing prompt for the next monthly competition and I will let you all know once I have more information on this.

Once again, thank you to all who took part this month and I hope that you, like me, enjoyed the many varied and clever entries that were submitted.

With apologies to Kate……..

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I seem to have missed Kate’s entry which she wrote on June 20th before the deadline for the 50 word micro flash fiction, so I’ve updated the voting poll to include Kate’s name and you can now also vote for her.  Her entry, A Righteous Man, is detailed below and again, big apologies to Kate for my original omission. 😦

By Kate Loveton

Title of Story: A Righteous Man
Link (picture attached to story) http://kateloveton.wordpress.com/2014/06/19/a-righteous-man/

After hymns finished, Brother Hackendorf got a determined look in his eye.  We saw the spirit was upon him.

That’s when the snakes came out.

Brother picked one up and held it high.  “Rebuke the Devil! Lucifer’s bite can’t harm a righteous man!”

Brother wasn’t as righteous as he thought.





50 Word Micro Fiction – Final 2 Entries

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Here are the final two entries in the micro flash fiction competition for June and voting will open shortly.  (It will be a slightly extended voting period for this month as we hit holiday season, but more on that shortly).  Anyway, here’s two more strong entries in the meantime for you to enjoy. 🙂

  By First Night Design


She closed the lid over her father and knocked the final nail into his coffin. “Sorted. Let’s party!” she said, ignoring the look on her brother’s face. The hammer crushed her skull in an instant.


By Sherri


“Kaylie! Sam’s dad is here!” called Mia as she opened the door to Ken. He grabbed Mia’s hand before she could turn away, planting his lips on hers. Her heart thumped, she couldn’t pull away even as everything inside her screamed no.

“The girls….”

“Mummy, why are you kissing Ken?”





50 Word Micro Fiction – Next 8 Entries

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For some reason I seem to be posting these in groups of eight….  So here are the next eight, which are as diverse as the first ones posted.  There is still time to enter if you would like to give it a go.   Entries should be posted directly on to the June Monthly Mini Competition page of my blog in the ‘Leave A Reply’ box at the bottom of the page. Once again, happy bite-sized reading! 🙂

By Tom Frattaroli

His name was Thomas, he died, struck by lightning working in the fields. His nephew’s name was Thomas, killed in Normandy 1944, ambushed by a Tiger tank, lightning flash on its turret. I am Thomas. I do not go out during thunderstorms. I am the last Thomas in the family.

By Suemoorhouse


His trousers were unzipped. ‘Like to stroke it? My little girl does.’ A polite 1950s child, I said, ‘No, thank you,’ and trotted off. I never told anyone. You didn’t discuss unpleasant things then. But I had a safe home, unlike his ‘little girl’. Can she forgive my silence?

By Andrew Geary


The eyes entered and breathed silence into the room. Samuel turned and saw the image through the mesh of faces. Samuel gulped down his drink and stood. But then he saw the eyes glaring at him, their blueness deepened. Suddenly, he learned that he wasn’t good enough, and disappeared.

By Bree Salyer


They buried his body that day along with her broken heart. Darkness whispered to her that if God wouldn’t bring him back, she could. She cried his name over white candles laced in black magic, breaking his eternal sleep. In the dead of night, there was a knock at her door.

By Jan Strickland

She sat by the cool, inviting waters of the azure blue pool, watching the sun-tanned bodies, some swimming, most lying on loungers trying to look stylish and drinking Mojitos. She tried to pluck up courage to join them, then she removed her prosthetic limb and dived gracefully into the water.

By Vaibhav

I went mesmerized as our eyes met on the wedding day. I recalled the memories of eight years old Natasha; how once she became so stubborn to get married to me. I walked her to the groom and at every step till we reached…I wished we turned eight again.

By Emma

It had been raining all day, the sort of rain that drenched everything, the wind fierce, blowing umbrellas inside out. She needed to look good; her first interview for a Receptionist post. Sitting in line with more rain-soaked women, she felt they needed a notice “No drowned rats need apply!”

By elizfrat


She shuffled up the hospital corridor, her crimson-stained nightgown left crumpled on the bedside chair. She pressed her palms and forehead to the glass and looked in. She knew there had been a mistake; he was alive. But… so alone and vulnerable. Nobody noticed her leave with the infant.




50 Word Micro Fiction – First 8 Entries

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The 50 Word Micro Fiction prompt seems to have sparked something off in a lot of you and I’m happy to share the first 8 entries that have come in. If you would like to give it a go, please click on the June Monthly Mini Competition page of my blog and post an entry in the ‘Leave A Reply’ box at the bottom of the page. Happy bite-sized reading! 🙂

By Jane Dougherty

She took the dog out early as the first thunder growled, grumbling about the youngest who, as usual, wasn’t answering her phone. Kids. Never think their parents might worry. She stopped. In the gutter. Case smashed. With that cheery sticker on the back. The sky darkened; the heavens opened.

By Frank

Nails, stiletto sharp, talons, digging, slicing, into their prey, into me, holding me close, tight, no escape, demanding, insistent, my back wet with blood, neck wet with blood, veins cut open, soft lips red, tender, hungry, devouring me, crying with need, moaning with pleasure, victorious, possessive, merciless, stealing my life…

By mmpearson

An old man glares at the storm building on the horizon. Fishing pole in hand, he weaves his way toward town. Darkness leads to confusion. Doors are shut tight. Rain pelts his sparse hair. Coldness sets in as thunder roars. A park bench looks inviting. A long, cold nap ensues.

By Maryanne

She finally had the strength to leave her slavery to be free. A freedom she was fearful to take back. It took all her courage to leave. But it didn’t last long. Unable to cause anyone pain, because of what she’d experienced, she again became enslaved to fulfill another’s dreams.

By andrewjoyce

I heard his footfalls, as I do every day. He stopped in front of my cell and smiled his evil smile.
“Are you ready boy?”
“Today, I want you to write a story. It must be exactly fifty words and have a plot and characterization.”
“Damn you to hell warden!”

By marthakeimstlouis

Life so far: born, grew up in a great old neighborhood of a steel town, attended a state college close to home, raped, bred, married, divorced, married now thirty years. I am a watercolorist, disabled; spouse an arborist, now disabled. Please like my words and art.

By Christie’s Fan
Superhero Jack

He stares at his school shirt. He’s missed a button.
‘Jack be nimble!’
He pulls up the zip of his jacket. It’s stuck.
‘Jack be quick!’
Everybody is far ahead.
He closes his eyes.
He had two superpower legs. He’d jump over the candlestick and many many heads.

By Sally Cronin

Head back he closed his eyes before take-off. He had made the biggest mistake of his life and lost her number. Sarah, she was the one and he would never see her again. ‘Would you like a paper sir?’ He opened his eyes and she smiled. ‘Fancy meeting you here!