Winner for April

Congratulations to Jan who, with 40% of the votes, wins last month’s mini writing comp. Look out for next writing prompt for May, which will be posted shortly. Thanks

last chance to pick your favourite

Thank you to those who have already voted for their favourite entry for this month’s writing prompt. There are only 5 entries so if you have a spare moment or two why not check in and add your own vote on the poll provided. Voting will close tonight and the winner will choose next month’s theme to be announced in the next couple of days. Thanks

Please vote for your favourite…

It ended up at five entries for the April mini writing competition. Who gets your vote?
Please vote here and check in at the beginning of May to see the results and the new writing prompt for the next competition.

Thanks for taking part.

Well the not so good news is……

there are only two more days left to post an entry for April’s mini monthly writing competition and as it stands there are still only four entries for the current prompt.  However…. the good news is that this will mean there is a greater chance to be the winning entry for the month 😉

In other news, Writing Magazine in the UK has confirmed that it will run a bit about my blog in their next issue so fingers crossed that this will increase traffic a bit and generate more entries going forward.  But hey, even if it was just me taking part I still would 🙂

Thanks to all those who currently follow and I’m loving getting the opportunity to visit your blogs back.  There’s some interesting stuff out there!

First four competition entries ready to view…….

The prompt this month relates to a strange man in a park and already we have a number of different interpretations, which make interesting reading.  Why not stop by for a look and maybe even post something yourself if you fancy taking part?  Thanks

New Prompt Posted & Entries for April Mini Writing Competition Now Invited

Congratulations to Margi Pearson whose entry in last month’s mini competition attracted the most votes.  As winner she has set this month’s competition, which follows below;

I’ve never written a prompt before so hope this is ok.  🙂  

An odd looking man walks up to you in the park. He asks if he can show you something. You hesitate but decide to humor him. Whatever  “it” is is contained in the palm of his hand. He opens his hand and you are shocked.

Write what happens next: 500 words or less

Poetry about object, emotions, response, etc. is acceptable too

Thank you to Margi for her participation and, even if you do not wish to submit a piece to the website yourself, please check back in after the 24th to vote for your favourite entry.