‘Love At First Sight’ by lassfromlancashire

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I’m happy to share an entry from a regular contributor to the mini monthly competitions, with a charming take on the theme of ‘love at first sight’. Thank you lassfromlancashire for taking part again this month and for the link to your entry. 🙂

lassfromlancashire says:

March 19, 2014

here’s my entry for the March mini competition

‘First Love’ by Jan Strickland

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Next up I welcome back Jan with her poem prompted by the subject of ‘Love at first sight’. Thank you once again to Jan for her entry and for sharing her work with us.

Jan Strickland says:


I met him on a coach trip, the year was 61

I was just turned 16 and out to have some fun

We travelled across Europe with a week in Italy

At the end of which, I just knew, he was going to marry me

As the holiday ended we went our separate way

He was off to uni and me to school each day

We wrote to one another, as people do, I’m sure

But in my heart I wasn’t convinced I’d see him any more

Six years of nursing in London to earn an honest bob

He asked me up to stay in Largs if I could get a job

He had finished university and was living on the coast

And I’d had luck; a hospital had offered me a post

It was only two months later that we became engaged

My family in England were really quite amazed

You, a Minister’s wife, you must be having a laugh

But 44 years later I still love my other half

(c) Jan Strickland

‘Love at First Sight’ by ContactRida


In the first of two (very different) entries in to this month’s mini writing competition, I am pleased to welcome a new contributor – ContactRida – with her interesting interpretation of the ‘Love at First Sight’ writing prompt. As somebody on her own blog says, I wonder what happens next…… 🙂

ContactRida says:

March 10, 2014 at 7:00 am

great blog! http://contactrida.com/2014/03/10/love-at-first-sight/

(c) ContactRida

New Writing Prompt For March – Love At First Sight

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Thank you to Vaibhav who, as winner of last month’s mini writing competition, has suggested the new writing prompt for March. (I think he’s a bit of a romantic 🙂 )  Vaibhav has put forward the theme of ‘Love At First Sight’, whether that be fictional or stem from a personal experience.

Therefore once again I would invite you to submit either a piece of flash fiction (under 500 words) or a poem on this topic. This should be posted on the designated competition page, in the usual way.

The last entry date for this month is the 24th of March and then people have between then and the end of the month to vote for their favourite.  The next competition will start at the beginning of April and the winner will set the writing prompt for next month.

Good luck to everyone who would like to take part and I look forward to reading all the submissions.