Help! I don’t know what I’m writing! Categories in kid lit

Some useful comments here regarding recommended word lengths in children’s fiction…

girl and duck

You might have caught a glimpse of this post a while back. I accidentally published the draft. Then I had a nervous breakdown trying to reel it in.

Luckily, there were no swear words in that draft. Nothing too incriminating. It’s a miracle, really. Considering the topic.

Let me begin with a disclaimer: Unlike most of my posts, this one’s not gospel.


This is a ROUGH guide. Categories in kid lit vary hugely and are always and forever evolving. That’s why this topic is a headwreck.

robyn-budlender-112521Picture Books

Board books: Newborn to age 3

Standard board books are 16 pages. Or 8 pages. Depends…

There’s not a lot of scope for writers in this category. It’s more of an illustrators’ playground. A lot of the manuscripts for these books are written in-house or commissioned. Or purloined from the kid lit canon. You know, let’s do a series of board books based on nursery rhymes… No author…

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2 thoughts on “Help! I don’t know what I’m writing! Categories in kid lit

  1. Hahah that’s so funny, I accidentally published a draft the other day, and then I wrote a blog post about the experience 😂😂 so I completely understand your pain! There are so many of us who have been through the same thing! I was surprised at how many people had actually noticed my blunder though hahaha 😃

    1. Hi Millie and thanks for commenting. This particular story wasn’t about me, although I’m sure I’ve done something similar in the past! So easy to do… 🙂

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