New Year -New Opportunities

Thanks to Barbara for some writing opportunities coming up in the New Year.


Paper,Write,Pen by aungkarnsNew Year – New opportunities!

Your up-to-date checklist to power up your writerly ambition!

We all know the feeling: Slowly emerging from our hibernation cave – to face whatever’s out there to get us (knockbacks and rejections) and to seek out sustenance to make us stronger as writers. Here are just a few nuggets that should sustain us all for a bit: the freshest crop of opportunities to make us all feel like we’re starting the New Year as writers.

  1. Pitch on Twitter. The 6th of January is your day. Make it count with this new initiative from Emergents! Open to residents of Scotland only.

  1. Short Stories about fear or anxiety? A tale of lost and found? These are the two themes in demand for the Flexible Persona deadline on 1st January. Maybe one one of the short stories in the deepest depths of your…

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