Back from a wet and windy October break in Arran so Voting for October is now open!

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I’ve just returned from a rather damp short break on the Island of Arran, where I grew up as a child, and thankfully the weather did nothing to dampen my memories of such a special place.  What made it even more special was introducing my young children to the place where I lived when I was their age.  I always found it fed my imagination and I loved coming full circle and sharing it with my own family.

Reflecting the busy time of year perhaps there were only two entries to this month’s competition, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to choose a winner, …… although both were entertaining so it could be hard to choose between them!  Voting is now open so please vote and ensure that your favourite wins.  As usual, voting will remain open until the end of the month.

Who will you vote for?

7 thoughts on “Back from a wet and windy October break in Arran so Voting for October is now open!

  1. Hi Eliz, I have sent it to comment-reply, and also to your hotmail. No pasa nada, I am having a friend who is an IT expert round on Monday morning, and I am determined to get things right now. I’m not really sure if the spring is causing the problem in my laptop, or the key that turns said spring ; plus the convertion from steam to clockwork never felt right !
    Tom F.

    1. ☺ Oh dear! I’m afraid I didn’t get the email either. I do however still have the war story that you sent earlier this year and was aiming to try and post that soon if you would still like me too? Good luck with your laptop in the meantime!

      1. That would be good, (The Skylark ) , esp at this time of year. Hopefully all will be explained after my first ” lesson ”
        Tom F.

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