And July’s winner is………………

wiinners cup

Well, we have a bit of a problem…  For the first time since I have been running these mini competitions we have a draw, with Jane Dougherty and Jan Strickland both polling the same amount of votes.

As you may know, usually the winner is entitled to set the writing prompt for the next monthly competition, but we could have a fight on our hands! 😉

Jane and Jan – do you have any thoughts or suggestions?  Perhaps one of you could set the overall theme and the other come up with some key words or phrases or a beginning or ending or similar?

Have to admit, I didn’t have a contingency in the event of a tied vote. As such, please leave it with me and I will post the next prompt as soon as we have worked something out! 🙂

In the meantime, congratulations to you both.


3 thoughts on “And July’s winner is………………

    1. Hi Jane and thank you for coming back to me. Jan is also happy to hand over the reins and I think I have an idea so will post it shortly. I appreciate you taking part and always enjoy your work. 🙂

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