‘Model Summer’ By Jan Strickland


Similarly, please also welcome back Jan with her entry, ‘Model Summer’.  I had wondered if such a short deadline this month would yield any entries at all, so it is gratifying that there are three strong entries to choose from, and congratulations to Kate, Jane and Jan for coming up with their stories in record time! 🙂

Jan Strickland says:


At 11 years old Ella knew she would be a model. To this end she went to dancing classes, deportment classes and elocution.
“I am not going to be an ordinary, run of the mill model; I am going to be a Supermodel!” she said as she stroked the smooth, shining coat of Maxwell, her beloved Dachshund puppy.
In that special summer of 2013 at the age of 15 she was shopping with her very best friend in the swankiest part of town when she was spotted by a Talent Scout, who asked her (in a quite pushy way she thought) if he could photograph her for his Model Agency. Of course Ella agreed.
As the photographer took photos from all angles he told her she was a natural beauty and had just the look he was searching for to enhance that year’s fashions. Ella’s best friend looked on, and then made her excuses and left. Ella had a vague feeling that they wouldn’t remain friends for long. Shame, she thought, but my career must come first.
The Photographer gave her his card and asked her to phone him if she was interested.
If she was interested? Wow! She had waited and worked towards this day for years. Her mother agreed, after a little persuasion, and the next day she rang the agency. Her life-long wish was just beginning. A few years down the line she just knew she would be the Supermodel of her dreams. After all, what could go wrong?….

(c) Jan Strickland


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