New Writing Prompt For July – Word Inclusion


Kate Loveton, the winner of last month’s mini writing competition, has now set the writing prompt for this month’s competition.  As such she has set the challenge of writing either a piece of flash fiction (up to 500 words) or poetry utilising either all, or at least three, of the words/phrases below:

photograph; special summer; heart; dachshund; pearl necklace

I would therefore invite you to post any entries in the usual way, i.e. directly in to the comments boxes on the designated July Monthly Mini Competition page.

The last entry date for this month is the 24th as usual, albeit I realise that this will be a bit tighter than previous months given the extended voting for last month – there’s a challenge for you! 🙂 People will subsequently have between then and the end of the month to vote for their favourite.  The next competition will start at the beginning of August, with the winner setting the writing prompt for next month.

Good luck to everyone who would like to take part (and I hope you can write quickly!)  😉

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