(Extended) Voting for June is now open!

ballot box

What an interesting month and a heartening response to the 50 word micro fiction prompt.  Who knew you could get such a mix of complete stories, genres and topics in such a restricted word count!  I would like to thank all who took part and think you will agree that there are plenty of strong entries to choose from when it comes to casting your vote.  Remember, voting is open to all whether you entered something into the competition or not and the voting poll is now attached for you to vote for your favourite entry.

In a change from normal procedure, voting will remain open until the 12th of July as I am about to enter a cyber black hole…  As usual however, the winner will then get to set the next writing prompt.  Good luck to all who entered. 🙂

Who will you vote for?  Remember, voting is open to all, so make sure that your vote counts.



7 thoughts on “(Extended) Voting for June is now open!

  1. I really enjoyed this month’s blog, it really stretched the imagination trying to fit a whole believable story in just fifty words. It was also good to see so many entries. Well done.

  2. Reblogged this on Odyssey of a Novice Writer and commented:
    Check it out! And if you liked my story, ‘A Righteous Man,’ here’s your chance to say so by voting. And while you’re checking this out, you may wish to read some of the other great 50 word offerings. You won’t be disappointed!

  3. Reblogged this on Read Me My Writes and commented:
    A couple of weeks ago I posted “Sometimes They Come Back”, a 50 word flash fiction piece for June’s competition. If you thought it was winning material then take a few seconds to vote for me before July 12th! Voting is open to anyone, so all it takes is a click of the button… well, two if you count clicking on the link to get there. 😉

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