50 Word Micro Fiction – Final 2 Entries

lightening bolt

Here are the final two entries in the micro flash fiction competition for June and voting will open shortly.  (It will be a slightly extended voting period for this month as we hit holiday season, but more on that shortly).  Anyway, here’s two more strong entries in the meantime for you to enjoy. 🙂

  By First Night Design


She closed the lid over her father and knocked the final nail into his coffin. “Sorted. Let’s party!” she said, ignoring the look on her brother’s face. The hammer crushed her skull in an instant.


By Sherri


“Kaylie! Sam’s dad is here!” called Mia as she opened the door to Ken. He grabbed Mia’s hand before she could turn away, planting his lips on hers. Her heart thumped, she couldn’t pull away even as everything inside her screamed no.

“The girls….”

“Mummy, why are you kissing Ken?”





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