New Writing Prompt For June – 50 Word Micro Fiction

lightening bolt

Apologies for the slight delay in  posting this month’s writing prompt, but I think it may well be worth the wait.  I have now spoken to Emma who, as winner of last month’s mini writing competition, has suggested a bit of a challenging writing prompt for June. This is to write a story in 50 words (or less).  The subject matter of your story is open so the word limit is the only restriction.

As such I would invite you to post any entries in the usual way, i.e. in the comments boxes on the designated competition page.

The last entry date for this month is the 24th of June, and then people have between then and the end of the month to vote for their favourite.  The next competition will start at the beginning of July, with the winner setting the writing prompt for next month.

Good luck to everyone who would like to take part 🙂

11 thoughts on “New Writing Prompt For June – 50 Word Micro Fiction

    1. Hi Martha and welcome! Thank you for visiting and if you would like to take part please just pop something in the ‘Leave a Reply’ box on the June Monthly Mini Competition page and it should work….. Its not the most sophisticated of set ups, but I haven’t yet figured out an alternative way of doing it! 🙂

  1. Life so far: born, grew up in a great old neighborhood of a steel town, attended a state college close to home, raped, bred, married, divorced, married now thirty years. I am a watercolorist, disabled; spouse an arborist, now disabled. Please like my words and art.

  2. Superhero Jack

    He stares at his school shirt. He’s missed a button.
    ‘Jack be nimble!’
    He pulls up the zip of his jacket. It’s stuck.
    ‘Jack be quick!’
    Everybody is far ahead.
    He closes his eyes.
    He had two superpower legs. He’d jump over the candlestick and many many heads.

  3. Title of Story: A Righteous Man
    Link (picture attached to story)

    After hymns finished, Brother Hackendorf got a determined look in his eye.  We saw the spirit was upon him.

    That’s when the snakes came out.

    Brother picked one up and held it high.  “Rebuke the Devil! Lucifer’s bite can’t harm a righteous man!”

    Brother wasn’t as righteous as he thought.

    Word count: 50 words
    Elizabeth – I put a link to your challenge on my piece of micro fiction.


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