‘The Train Back Home’ by Sherri Matthews

A very warm welcome back to Sherri with her entry – ‘The Train Back Home’. My mum still always asks me to let her know when I’m home safely too! 🙂

blurred train 

  • Sherri says:

    The Train Back Home

    Jamie waved from the platform across from the car park. “Bye Mum, see you soon!” His mother honked the horn of her car and shot a quick wave back as she drove away. Great weekend, Jamie thought as he hopped on the train.

    Finding a seat by the window, he dropped his overstuffed backpack onto the floor at his feet and flopped down just as the train gave a quick lurch and pulled away. With heavy-metal guitar riffs screaming through his plugged-in earphones, Jamie settled into his seat and closed his eyes.

    His peace was shattered too soon when the door to his carriage whooshed open, allowing the too-familiar tones of her voice to break into the split-second moment that Jamie had decided to change his music. Before he knew it he looked up, straight into her dark eyes as they met his, locked in disbelief.

    Jamie froze, for an instant, but long enough to watch her turn away, flashing the smile that had once fooled him to the man standing next to her. ”Let’s sit there!” she said as Jamie’s shock exploded when the pair lumped down into the seats right in front of him.

    What the fuck? Of all the seats, they had to sit right there?

    He had no choice but to watch from behind as, giggling, she buried her mane of over-bleached hair into her man’s neck.

    “That’s Jamie sitting behind us!”

    Then they French-kissed.

    The blood raced to Jamie’s brain and his heart pounded. He jumped up, bumping hard into their seats as he grabbed his backpack and flung it across his shoulders. She laughed. Bitch. He didn’t stop walking until he came to the very end of the train, which, thank god, was a long one.

    His phone buzzed into life, a text from his mum.

    “Lovely to see you sweetheart! Don’t forget to let me know when you’re home!”

    He took a deep breath, his mother’s words reminding him of home. He had lost his home, he thought, when ‘she’ casually announced one afternoon a few months ago that she was bored and wanted to screw other men. She wanted him out.

    She’d done a real number on him, no doubt about it, but seeing her here, today, he realised that any slight affection he may have held for her was now eroded by disgust.

    The train came to Jamie’s stop. He couldn’t get off fast enough and he leapt out onto the platform, almost running for the stairs. As he passed by her window, he quickly glanced back and saw her staring blankly at him, biting her nails, caught off-guard, while her boyfriend glared back at him. Jamie almost smiled then. Poor bastard, it’ll be you next, he wanted to say.

    Turning away, he climbed the steps to the platform where his connection awaited, ready to take him a hundred miles away. His friends were waiting, something about going for a roast later. Jamie texted his mum and then he smiled.

    © Copyright Sherri Matthews 2014

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