‘A Letter’ by Ron McLaughlan

And now for something completely different!…… 🙂

Ron is a new contributor to this site and, as I said to him when I first read this, it is certainly a very unique take on the writing prompt!  Thank you Ron for your entry.


Ron McLaughlan says:

May 22, 2014 at 9:46 pm

  • A Letter

    It was on a Monday morning as I walked home from my dance lesson that I first saw the letter on the ground. It was just sitting there but it seemed to call to me. This could have been due the fact that it had two little hands and a mouth that whistled to me and formed the words, “Hey you handsome man”
    Now, this I was used to from handsome waiters with white teeth, but from a letter on the ground? Well, you can imagine… So I picked it up and took it home.
    Later that night while drinking some port and eating a bowl of pickled eggs I opened it. Inside was a ticket
    “You are invited to a Birthday Party”
    I was shocked, but I saw in my mind the date and place of the party. This could have been psychically transmitted, or simply due to the fact that it was written on the letter. So I got ready and put on my new boots.
    When I got to the location it was a dark building illuminated by a single blue light. No one was there. Was I early?
    The door opened and I went in and up a flight of stairs. I was scared but I sung a Beach Boys medley to myself in Swedish to keep up my spirits.
    Then I saw a huge room with lights and banners and the words ‘Happy Birthday’. But no one was there; just me.
    Suddenly music began and I felt even more nervous.
    As the happy dance tune played I felt in my pocket for the letter, but it had disappeared.
    What was going on? I checked my boots just in case it had slipped down the side of one.
    Then, suddenly, I could see it on the floor lying in front of me, the letter. I reached down for it, but before I could pick it up the letter began to move and out of the flap of the envelope came first one leg, then another, then a body and arms and, finally, a head. A man stood before me and he had the loveliest eyes I had ever seen. He smiled and I smiled back. He reached out with his hand and I reached out mine. We began to dance and I looked into his eyes.
    As the music brought us together I knew we would kiss.
    My body felt odd, and not the kind of odd that you get in a lift, but the kind of odd that is very odd!
    I fell and everything went black.
    When I awoke I looked at myself and I was a letter on the ground. Someone else looked at me and reached down to pick me up.

    (c) Ron McLaughlan

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