‘The Start of Something New’ by lassfromlancashire

Welcome back to lassfromlancashire with her interpretation of this month’s writing prompt. I enjoyed this and personally can’t think of any retirees that I know who have struggled to fill their days. In fact, more often than not, most say they don’t know how they found the time to work in the first place! 🙂

happy retirement

The Start of Something New

I stand on the threshold
Look to the future, not the past.
This is the first day, as they say, of the rest of my life.
Today I step away from the world of work,
The daily nine-to-five grind
No more a slave to the clock.
Retirement, not an accurate term:
I’m not pulling back, retreating
I’m now free from the tyranny of work
Free to explore new things,
Seek out new places, new experiences,
Do things I’ve always wanted to:
I might learn to ski, to crochet or to scuba dive;
Visit places till now mere names on a map;
Study something odd and erudite,
Egyptian hieroglyphics or the teachings of Buddha
I might tangle with the word wide web,
Learn to program my computer

I clutch my cards and leaving presents
Smile at my work colleagues
I don’t reply when they ask “Won’t you be bored
With nothing to do all day?”
What’s the point of explaining
This isn’t the end
But the beginning of something new.


(c) lassfromlancashire

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