‘A New Start’ by Jan Strickland

In the last of today’s entries (so far) I am pleased to share Jan’s piece of memoir with you to round off three very diverse takes on the prompt of The Start of Something New. I always find it interesting to see the different interpretations of any prompt posted and hope that you enjoy sharing them too. 🙂

pad and pen2

A New Start

I have just had a birthday. Aries the Ram. On the same day I watched ‘This Morning’ on the TV and Russell Grant was doing an astrology slot. Now, I don’t really believe in all that but……… there was something about the new moon being in alignment with thingamajig etc. etc. then, “Arians Will be looking for a new start.” So I thought ‘new start’ – what can I write about that?
Having retired from life as a busy nurse and having become less able to do things over the years, I have had to find new interests and ones which I can do sitting down. So, to keep my mind active, I joined a creative writing group. Here we learnt such diverse things such as how to write plays (we have just finished one and are hoping to produce it in front of a real life audience at our community centre), short stories, flash fiction and poetry.
In fact, I found that I enjoyed writing so much that I joined another creative writing class and then became a member of the Scottish Association of Writers (SAW). I also joined a craft class. Although I’m generally useless with my hands, I have found that I can make jewellery, mainly earrings, so I now have hundreds of pairs of earrings in a large box stashed in my bedroom.
I would love to do something energetic, even if it was just being able to take the dog for walks, but at least I have something else to fall back on and I am immersing myself with like-minded people and really enjoying it. My past is past, never to be forgotten and often drawn upon as a basis for a lot of my writing. They say write about something you know so my childhood, all my nursing experience and my life as a wife of a Church of Scotland minister, as well as being mother to my three lovely children, all go into my stories.
I have been lucky enough to have had a few stories published in women’s magazines and poems published in anthologies, and these small successes spur me on.
So, my new start? I suppose you could say that it has been learning to devote time and energy to things that I enjoy and finding new hobbies……. albeit ones that you can do sitting down!

(c) Jan Strickland

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