‘Family Colours’ by elizfrat


As this is the last day to post entries for this month’s mini competition, I thought I would sneak in one of my own. For a lot of young boys in particular growing up, football (or soccer for my American blogging friends) is their first love, so I have taken quite a wide interpretation of this month’s writing prompt (and hope that you will indulge me on this score, if you excuse the pun 😉 )


I yearn to
run after them,
to call out,
to envelope him
in the safety of my arms.
But I hold back
and merely watch their progress,
as they become swallowed up in
the crowd.

I keep focussed
on the spot where
I could last make them out,
long after they
have disappeared from sight.
A lasting impression
of this landmark in their lives

He looked so small.
Dwarfed by the throng:
And yet far from alone.
Protected with pride
and engulfed by love.

This is their time.
A shared first moment,
long dreamed about.

And I must let go and
accept this coming of age,
as father and son
embark on the rite of passage
that is
their first football match together.

Together as one whole;
and their happiness
is absolute.

(c) Elizabeth Frattaroli

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