‘The Question’ by Milly Jones

I’m pleased to welcome back Milly who kicks things off for this month on the theme of ‘Waiting For News’. I think a lot of us will relate to the constant checking of the phone and as we read on we also become impatient to hear the result. Thanks Milly and good luck with your entry 🙂

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Milly Jones says:

February 5, 2014 at 7:36 pm

The Question

For the twenty-third time this morning, I pick up my phone and press to see if a text message has arrived. Doesn’t matter that I’ve got the volume turned up to high. I might still have missed its arrival, I often do.

The screen is still stubbornly registering nothing. No message. No news.

What’s taking so long? I am utterly convinced that when it happens, I will be the first person she texts. She won’t stand a chance of keeping it a secret, and definitely not from me. We’re inseparable. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if I just ‘know’, like telepathically, we’re so close.

It was agony this morning trying not to give the game away. If she hadn’t been so distracted, I’m sure she would have wondered what was wrong with my face. Or maybe she just thought I was constipated. Running around like a headless chicken (as usual), late (as usual). Getting her tights in a twist, literally, as she’s rushing to get dressed and find her handbag and try to remember where she’s supposed to be meeting him, all at the same time.

And all I can think is – today’s the day! Today he’s going to ask her The Question. He told me all about it on the weekend, a whispered conversation while doing the dishes. His grand plans for a romantic brunch at the cafe where they had their first date. “It’s time to make this official” he stated, “We’ve been together long enough now. I know I want to spend the rest of my life with Kit, and I think she does with me – what do you think Saf, you’ve known her longer than anyone? Will she marry me?”

Will she? Of course she will! She’s talked of nothing else for the past 8 months, desperate for him to get his act together and propose. Just the other night, at the end of our second bottle of red, she declared if he didn’t ask soon she was giving up, going online dating and marrying the first millionaire that will have her.

She didn’t take it too well when I pointed out that not many millionaire’s go online dating. And when I suggested maybe she should lower her standards a little, I was lucky a third bottle didn’t get poured out over my head!

Of course she’ll say yes. I can see it all already. Jamie on bended knee, Kit in ecstasies, shouting out to the whole cafe that she’s getting married. The staff there (they know us well) will bring them complimentary bubbly and receive her excited hugs. And then we’ll spend the next months together planning and shopping and anticipating the day…

Wish I was there. Instead of here, waiting, rapidly running out chores to do to keep me busy. Honestly, I don’t think the apartment’s ever been this clean!

Maybe I should check my phone, just one more time. How long does it take to propose for goodness sake?

(c) Milly Jones

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