And the first winner of 2014 is………

wiinners cup

Congratulations to Jane Dougherty who, at over 45% of the vote,  won January’s mini writing competition with ‘It Could Have Been Different’.

As winner, Jane is now entitled to set the writing prompt for February’s competition and I will notify you all once I have more information on this.

Thank you again to all who took part this month and as usual I was impressed by the quality and variety of the submissions. 🙂

(Also, apologies for the slight delay in announcing the result, but I have been battling the cold and generally feeling sorry for myself.  I can’t afford to be ill this week though as I am heading down to London for a one day conference on How to Write for Children and Young Adults and Get Published at Bloomsbury Publishing, and am starting to get very excited!  It should be an amazing day…  🙂 )

One thought on “And the first winner of 2014 is………

  1. Thank you, Elizabeth, it’s a lovely way to start 2014! I hope you’re going to pass on what you get out of your Bloomsbury conference, especially the how to get published part.

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