And now for something a little bit silly……..

So here is my (admittedly somewhat light hearted) take on the theme for this month 🙂

ladder of success

By elizfrat

In my mind’s eye I am lovely and slim
I keep nice and lithe without trips to the gym
I socialise lots and don’t watch what I eat
When I look down I can still see my feet

In my mind’s eye I have riches galore
I have all that I need and can’t ask for more
I live in a mansion and vacation each year
To somewhere exotic, prestigious and dear

In my mind’s eye things just fall in my lap
My children come running with just a small clap
I’ve reached dizzying heights in my chosen career
And can welcome each day without doubt or fear

In my mind’s eye my life is just right
My loved ones are happy, their outlooks are bright
Life can throw nothing but good things our way
In my mind’s eye I imagine all day

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