‘I Wonder’ by Jan Strickland

A very warm welcome to a regular contributor with a heartfelt poem, which I’m sure many a mother will relate to.


I Wonder

I sometimes lie awake at night and think of you
and I wonder if only, and why?
I think of where you are and what you do,
and I wonder if only, and why?

You have been shielded at home by love and strength,
but you wanted to go it alone.
You felt stifled; hemmed in and decided to go
the length of Britain to find a new home.

You’re enjoying your freedom, your new job and your friends,
but I worry you may be let down.
You’re too much ‘the giver’, and people just take,
so be wary, my son, in that town.

You’re our baby, our lad, our young man, our son.
We love you so much and time flies.
So I think of you often, where you are, what you do.
And I wonder if only, and why?

(c) Jan Strickland

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