‘Under The Tree’ by Jan Strickland

Thank you to Jan for her contribution to this month’s mini competition.
Bit of a sad one this so get your hankies ready! 😦



Under The Tree


They all looked so worried grouped around my bed

Mother in tears, her cool hands stroking my head

The doctor was saying, “I hope we’ve caught it in time

but with children this age it’s a very fine line”


Why are my Mummy and Daddy upset?

I don’t understand, don’t want them to fret

I don’t feel right, what’s wrong with me?

I want to get out and home for my tea


I’m now sitting back in the lounge of my home

There’s Mummy and Daddy, my dog with a bone

They’re laying out presents under the tree

A doll for my sister, a train set for me


Again as I watch I hear Mummy sob

“I can’t bear that we’ve lost him, our sweet little Rob”

My daddy looks sad as he comforts my mum

“How quick meningitis has taken our son”


The toys long forgotten, but I know they’re there

And I now understand how much they all care

I want them to know that I am still around

But I’m only six and I can’t make a sound


So Christmas this year will be very sad

I’ll watch over them all, my mum and my dad

My sister will open her gifts from the tree

The whole family there, all except me

(c) Jan Strickland

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