An Unexpected Journey by Tom F

I’m pleased to welcome back Tom F with his fun and contemporary entry for this month’s competition on the theme of ‘An Unexpected Journey’.



By Tom F

We knew what our grandson wanted for his 13th birthday. A mini I-pad ! We took him to our local supplier, whilst he was visiting this summer, to find out exactly which one.

“You know we are only pensioners, so maybe one day if we save hard enough…….” we lied.

The following day he went back to mum and dad, and we returned to the shop to buy the one he had pointed out, including the cover he had chosen. We wrapped it carefully and left it with his mum, our daughter, as we could not be with him on the morning of his birthday.

When we eventually arrived around 11.30 am, he was ecstatic and ran across the lounge and hugged us so tight.

“Thanks granddad, Thanks nana,” he gasped “I really can’t believe you have done this for me. Thanks soo much!”

“Have you got it working yet? “ I asked

“It took him all of 5 minutes “, his mum replied, as he was totally wired for sound.

One hour, and a pot of tea and biscuits later, he was still tapping away on the screen. Whilst his nana, mum dad and baby sister were playing games on the rug, I crossed the room and tried to break the spell he was under.

“What can it do?” I asked him.

Hardly acknowledging my presence, he glanced to the French doors leading out into the back garden, stood up and led me outside.

“It’s got thousands of apps, granddad. Let me show you “He explained as we walked towards the apple tree, bathed in the late summer sun.

A windfall dropped not three strides in front of us, and before it had bounced twice, the grey squirrel ,which lived somewhere in the back garden, pounced, picking it up and  biting into the fruit whilst still on the move, and disappearing behind the tree.

It suddenly became freezing cold, the green lawn turning into an Arctic landscape. The boy didn’t seem to notice what had happened.

“C’mon, granddad!”

He pulled on my arm as a hole appeared in the ice, and we plunged through together. It was not cold or wet, as we swam through the incredible blue light emanating from below .The blue changed to turquoise, to iridescent green, then to yellow and back to blue, changing constantly through these incredibly bright colours.

“Look , granddad ,look “ ,he mouthed ,as he pointed to hundreds of icons floating around us, reminiscent of the many different species of tropical fish ,once encountered whilst snorkelling on The Great Barrier Reef. They darted around us, approaching tantalisingly, willing us to reach out and touch them, but floating away as we held out our hands.

He beckoned me deeper and deeper into the light source. I followed in wondrous silence, until we reached   a fountain of light and colours. Colours I cannot describe, they were so unreal. Amongst all this colour there were apps enclosed in air bubbles pouring out, rushing up past our incredulous ,wide eyed stares,  each one jostling to be the first to reach the surface, and burst out through the icy portal.

He turned to me laughing excitedly, took my arm and we floated swiftly back to the surface, bursting through and back into the garden. I stood shaken, but completely dry on the grass.

“What has just happened “, I thought aloud, as the young man wandered nonchalantly back to the house, still tapping the screen.

THAT’S what it can do Granddad, THAT’s what it can do!”

(c) Tom F


3 thoughts on “An Unexpected Journey by Tom F

  1. Thanks for the positive comments. I really do believe that one day in the not too distant future our descendants will have a USB port in their temple , or wherever, so that they can instantly plug in to the current programmes . My wife thinks I eat too much cheese ! G’nite ladies.

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