And September’s winner is………

wiinners cup

The votes are in and many congratulations to Sherri who has won September’s mini writing competition with her entry ‘Free’.

As winner, Sherri is now entitled to set the writing prompt for October’s competition and I will notify you all once I have more information on this.

A big thank you once again to all who took part this month and made it such a strong competition. 🙂

10 thoughts on “And September’s winner is………

  1. Thanks so much Elizabeth for organising this competition and for giving us all this opportunity to enter and congratulations to everyone who did so. Of course, and very humbly, I’m thrilled and delighted with the outcome, especially since I never usually win anything, and I’ve certainly never won a cup before 🙂
    Thank you so much to everyone for all your amazing support and for taking the time to read my story and to vote. This is because of you 🙂

  2. Many congratulations Sherri l ‘really enjoyed your entry. These mini competitions are good fun l am looking forward to your writing prompt for October.All the best. Jan.

    1. Thank you very much Jill, for reading ‘Free’ and for your very kind wishes. Yes, I have very much enjoyed being a part of this mini competition. Now I just have to come up with a good prompt for October 🙂

      1. So sorry Jan, I typed Jill in my comment to you and realised just I posted the comment! Aaaargh! My reply as above is to you, Jan, having already replied to Jill!

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