‘The Zephyr’ by thegazzer

Please welcome another new contributor – thegazzer (otherwise known as Khadija I believe) – with her take on the theme of partings. A big thank you to her for taking part and another strong entry.

thegazzer says:

September 9, 2013 at 4:37 am

The Zephyr

birds at sunset

You sit on your rooftop with a sense of devastation and demotivation, thinking ”Am I worth living?” . You just sit for hours with no motive. Your head is down, a train of thoughts run inside your brain. Suddenly you speak to yourself ” Am I ready for the compromises?” and in return you just receive silence. You are surrounded by many voices but you seek for a known voice, but again you just receive disappointment. You concentrate further and you hear a chirp. You force yourself to look upwards and you see that bird, flying above your expectations. ” Wish I could fly like them.” , is what you say to yourself. But then you realize flying like that needs real guts and courage which is lacking in a disappointed person like you. You gaze them further as they fly towards the setting sun. ” When was the last time I saw the sun set below the horizon?” , is what you remark. Before you praise this phenomenon any further, its already gone. But you know it will come up again tomorrow. Just like our hopes. Experiencing darkness is the way to sense the joy of watching the rays of sunlight again. As the zephyr touches your face, you held your head high and decide to take the courage to fly high. Above from others expectations and to wait for the sun to rise again. You are determined to fight the darkness no matter what. You believe nothing can stop you and you promise yourself to move ahead.

(c) thegazzer

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