Poetry Contest Finalists

Thank you to wePoets Show It for shortlisting my poem in their monthly competition; I am very honoured and it’s great to get good feedback. If you write and haven’t yet checked out their site I would urge you to do so – any interactive writing blog scores highly in my book! 🙂

We were overwhelmed by the talent and outpouring of the submissions for the Poetry Contest.  It was really difficult to pick only 3 poems for the finalists.  Please know that just because your poem wasn’t chosen for this month’s finalist doesn’t mean it wasn’t fantastic or that you can’t enter the same poem again next month.  This is a monthly contest so feel free to enter one of your poems each month.

Here are the 3 finalists for wePoet’s September Poetry Contest.  All three poems are listed in this post so please scroll down to read all of them.  The voting poll is at the bottom of the post. We will be re-posting this post every morning through Friday so that everyone has a chance to place their vote.  Congratulations to the finalists and we hope you enjoy their poems as much as we did.


The Writer
by Elizabeth…

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