‘Moving On’ By Jan Strickland

Thank you again to Jan with her entry in to this month’s mini writing competition on the theme of ‘Partings’.



The house, once a centre of laughter and family ties, looks sad
Its curtain-less windows like gaping black eyes
The items unneeded sit on the pavement for collection –
An old fridge, a chair, an iron frame of a bed
And there, amongst it all, a little worse for wear
Bruno the Ted

A much loved bear, the sympathetic ear of a thousand secrets
The reassuring presence when bad dreams caused restless nights
The children have grown and Bruno is forgotten, discarded
The very essence of his being lost in the busy bustle of teenage angst

Now the cell phone and texting friends allow secrets to be passed on, giggled about
Who needs a teddy, who needs its comforting presence?
He is discarded for the bin men to find on a heap of unwanted chattels
Left on a pavement, weather beaten and forlorn
Who cares any more?

(C) Jan Strickland

4 thoughts on “‘Moving On’ By Jan Strickland

    1. I am a natural squirrel and never throw anything away, much to my Family’s annoyance.
      Thank you for your comment Eric, l appreciate it.

  1. I can’t bear to see well-loved old toys thrown away. It seems almost as heartless as abandoning a pet. In a few years those teenagers will be asking: whatever happened to my old bear?

    1. I so agree with you,,my piece was actually true,l saw the poor old Teddy on a pile of unwanted things on the pavement, unfortunately, l couldn’t stop the car in traffic to save Ted,l think l wrote this out of guilt!!Thanks for your comment.

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