May Writing Competition

Pen Writing

It’s great to see some new participants and a diverse range of writing styles in the mini poetry/flash fiction competition this month – why not pop in and take a look? Voting for the winner begins on 24th May so there is still plenty time to enter if you fancy submitting a piece of your own. All are welcome. The prompt for this month is

You are watching someone or something. Describe what you see and how it makes you feel.


10 thoughts on “May Writing Competition

    1. Hi Connie and thank you for your kind comment. It means a lot, especially as I’m still finding my feet with this whole blogging thing. You’re welcome to check in any time and I’m looking forward to following you too.

  1. This is interesting. I’m, not sure how to define ‘Flash Fiction’ or how many words it entails. Silly me I know. Or whether I leave my entry in the comments here or at the local post office. In short there seems to be a lot I don’t know. OK, I’m off as this comment is seeming weirder and weirder

    1. 🙂
      I think (and I may be wrong on this) that Flash Fiction is described as anything up to 1,500 words and then from 1,500 to around 5,000 words it becomes a short story. For the purposes of this blog however I have put a limit of 500 words on the Flash Fiction side simply to encourage lots of bite sized entries that people can dip in and out of in a spare few moments. Poems are also welcome of course.

      As far as where to post any entries if you would like to take part, just click on reply on the relevant month’s Mini Competition page. Not particularly sophisticated, I know, but I’m still pretty new to all this blogging stuff and it may yet evolve to a more obvious format over time…

      Hope that helps and thanks for the visit and for taking the time to leave a comment.

  2. Happy to join the monthly competition. I am new to these blogging stuff too. I like your idea of this competition, it gives a really good chance for someone like me who loves writing. Thank you.

    1. Hi and thank you for checking out my blog and for the new follow. I’m glad you like the competition and hopefully it will catch on as I’m having great fun reading all the different entries so far. If you would like to take part you would be more than welcome any time 🙂

    1. Hi Paul and thank you for the visit. Each month I will have a separate tab for the current entries (I’m sure there is probably a more sophisticated way of doing it but if so I haven’t quite figured it out yet!…) Please click on the May Mini Monthly Competition page and all the entries for this month are listed there along with any relevant comments. I hope you enjoy reading them and if you would like to vote then please do so on the poll embedded in my voting post on the Home Page. Many thanks 🙂

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