Mini Competition March 2013

Okay, let’s see if this works……

As this is the first attempt at this I suggest an open topic on this occasion, where any prose or poem entry with a maximum of 150 words can be posted and all visitors can vote for their favourite entry.

Entries should be posted up to the 24th of each month with votes on the winner being accepted up to the end of the month. The winning entrant will then set the theme or provide an opening or ending for the next competition on the 1st and I will post this on my blog home page for reference.

Good luck and thanks for giving this a go!


4 thoughts on “Mini Competition March 2013

    1. Hi and thanks for the reply. You’re right, it’s not a lot of scope but I thought I would start small and see where it gets us… maybe moving it up to 500 words if prose writers are struggling… And apart from word limit there would be no other restrictions. This is all a bit new to me so will probably be a bit of trial and error until I get to a format that works best.

  1. Hello, Elizabeth. I would be interested, but I’ve never tried writing such short fiction. Do you think we might start with a maximum of 500 words, but no minimum whatsoever?

    1. Hi Constantin, absolutely! Reckon this is going to be a bit rough around the edges until I see what the best format is, but I love your writing and it would be great to have you aboard!

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