It appears that the test post worked so welcome to my site! To all aspiring and published writers out there, I look forward (hopefully) to some interesting and inspiring interactions on my writing journey and will look to update you on any bumps along the way.

But first let’s talk about you. What do you enjoy reading and writing and which authors do you most admire? Do you tend to stick to a specific genre or does that not really matter? Strong writing will stand out regardless, right?

I would also love to hear about your own projects and what your writing plans are. Are you starting out or getting ready to submit? It would be great to share experiences and support each other along the way.

Personally I am starting to put feelers out to see if there is any interest in my first children’s book. This has been a labour of love as I started it before my twins were born 5 years ago then life took over and it sat gathering dust for a few years. Although I finished it just over a year ago I have been dipping in and out to edit it fairly regularly, especially the first chapter – e.g. prologue or no prologue…. (Have gone with no prologue eventually).

I had always planned to do something with it one day but have been spurred into action after narrowly missing the chance to be longlisted for the Macmillan WriteNow competition last month. (I missed the full manuscript deadline due to being in hospital for a shoulder operation – grrr!) Anyway, let’s not dwell; onwards and upwards so they say……

Have any of you had similar experiences and if so how did you move on?

p.s. As a new blogger, any tips on blogging and website layout would be greatly appreciated.

2 thoughts on “Writing

  1. Yes, your test post worked 🙂

    I enjoy reading and writing autobiographies by FAR. By FAR.

    I love the vibe of your blog – it’s just wonderful, plus a good read.

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